Baltimore experienced an avalanche of newly arrived immigrants between 1840 and1850. A large percentage were Irish, coming to America to escape the "Great Hunger", Ireland's famine of 1845-1853. They settled in southwest Baltimore and promptly went to work for the vibrant Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.

The Irish Railroad Workers Museum is part of a larger history-rich community, unusual because it is still intact, consisting of the places where the Irish lived, worked, worshipped, and were buried.

Visitors can make the Irish Railroad Workers Museum part of an Irish Heritage walk, combining the B&O Railroad Museum, Irish Railroad Workers Museum, St. Peter the Apostle Church, and the Hollins Street Market. The Irish Railroad Workers Museum is a unique, non-staffed interpretive site that includes a house furnished to depict daily life for the Irish immigrant living in the late 1840s visible through a clear back wall; a garden; and other interpretive exhibits.

The Irish Railroad Workers Museum

The Irish Railroad Workers Museum consists of two renovated alley houses in 900 block of Lemmon Street. The houses on Lemmon Street were built in 1848 to provide homes for the growing number of workers needed by America's first railroad. One of the houses is furnished as a period-house museum, reflecting the lives of the Irish-immigrant family who lived there in the 1860s. The other house offers changing exhibits relating to Irish-American history and local neighborhood life.

The B&O Railroad Museum

In 1827 the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad was located in the countryside of west Baltimore, which soon saw erected the stations, roundhouses, shops, yards, and other labor demanding structures. Click here for official web site of the B&O Railroad museum, located one block south of the Irish Railroad Workers Museum.

St. Peter the Apostle Church

This beautiful church was the home parish of many of the early Irish immigrants. It is famous for both its architecture and its place in Baltimore history. Click here for more information on St. Peter The Apostle Church.

St. Peter the Apostle Cemetery

This wonderful cemetery located in West Baltimore was virtually abandoned until recently. Walk the beautiful lawns and forest paths, and marvel at the old gravestones, the sense of Irish history, and the still abandoned gravestones peaking through the woods. For more information on the cemetery, click here.

The Hollins Street Market

The Hollins Street market was the primary shopping hub for this area. Still active today, the market is home to fish, meat, flower, vegetables, and other vendors.

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